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CIF exchange program 2019


The Norwegian CIF-professional exchange program

takes place in Skien and Stavanger.


Aug. 25th – sept. 7th.

In Skien and Stavanger.


Application deadline June 15th. 2019.





Stavanger and Skien are to very different cities in Norway which will show you the diversity of Norway. Skien is known for its industrial heritage and beautiful nature, while Stavanger is known as the city of oil and energy business in Norway. The town, situated on the southwestern coast, charms visitors with a friendly smalltown atmosphere. Northern Europe’s largest amount of wooden houses is here. Close to Stavanger is also the world famous Pulpit Rock, attracting thousand of visitors every year. The world famous author Henrik Ibsen used to live in Skien. The scenery surrounding Skien is magnificent to explore.



Requirements: Professionals in human services (social workers, psychologists, special educators, youth workers) with minimum 2 years of experience. Fluency in English is a must.


The program consists of lectures and visits to public social services and health institutions and organisations (NGOs). There is no possibilities for placements in any of these services.


The program does not give any academic credits.    



Core of program:

Field visits to related institutions and organisations:

The main topic of this program will be the concequences of migration, as well as the welfare system in Norway. We will make an effort to try to also adapt to the applicants requests.


  • Introduction to Norwegian Government systems and politics

  • Introduction to the Norwegian Welfare system and its impact on citizens.

  • Social Work in Norway, within public social and welfare services, reception and integration of refugees and immigrants, child protection and child welfare.

  • International social work

  • General information on Norwegian society such as political issues, education system, gender issues, state and private economy.




Social program:

  • Visit interesting sights in Skien and Stavanger. The participants are free to visit the capital Oslo one day if desired.

  • Farewell dinner



Host family living: 

Free room and board in host families, who all speak English.

Each participant stays in two families as a family member, due to the two different cities hosting the program.  The host family experience gives the participant a unique experience of Norwegian everyday life, leisure activities and diversity of culture.



Financial conditions:

  • No fees

  • CIF pays domestic travel between host family and program sites.

  • Participants pay their travel expences to and from Norway, train to Skien the first day and train from Stavanger to Oslo last day and their personal expences.





Health insurances: 

Participants are fully responsible for their health insurance and accident insurance.  Please make sure that you are covered for all kinds of health expences (like accidents, hospital, transportation, dentist and transportation home if necessary).



You can expect:

Learning about Norwegian welfare state and politics, impacts of pressure on social work and migration.

Knowledge about other countries and cultures through professional and cultural exchange with your fellow participants. 

Experiencing the very special CIF cross-cultural experience by being part of an international group of colleagues. 

Learn about Norwegian culture and everyday life by living in host families. 


We expect from you:

That you meet every new impression and challenge with an open mind and friendship. 

That you commit yourself fully to the program and host family living, leaving work tasks at home.

If you invite family and friends to join you, it should be before or after the program.


Application: Deadline is June 15th. 2019.

For application form see .

Send application through your national CIF branch.  If such one does not exist in your own country, applications may be sent directly to CIF-Norway




For questions and more information:

Linda Pettersen phone +47 90170454

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